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for the current president when he says barack obama and is still immensely the country for four more years. >>> it has been one-quarter of one year since we have had widespread rainfall in the bay a guess what happens tonight? details on how long the west scuffle sit around coming up. a small memorial is growing tonight outside the chp office in martinez as the community mourns a fallen hero. officered canyon young sam died tonight a day after he was shot in the head during a traffic stop. a father of four was 37 years old. the seven year veteran was based on martina's reporter mark sayers is there tonight. >>> well tonight governor brown is offering condolences on behalf of all californians as of the community and the chp how it mourn the loss of one of their own. >>> and his mind sad duty to share in the that the officer has been taken off life-support. >>> a caplan delivered the news to those gathered to honor the chp officer in and what was supposed to be a vigil quickly became a memorial and the chp says he made one final act of public service. titillates i think it is fitting toh
michelle obama she headlines tomorrow night grace lee shows us the california party leader makes headlines. >>> a war of words from california democratic chair his words compare republicans to the not see minister of propaganda created a fury in both parties that john burton went too far. >>> the danger of romney rye and and republicans >>> john burton making headlines he spoke exclusively with our real partner kcbs and compared republican vice- presidential candidate to a nazi leader known for creating propaganda during the holocaust >>> they're willing to say they lie and they don't care if they like if you like joseph burbles the big lie you've got republicans to believe the earth is flat that was curveballs the big lie they don't care about fax they will like that is not a pejorative the work as a complement >>> no question in this statement he went too far >>> joe touman said that is the wrong message to send the day before the democratic national convention >>> if i'm running the convention i'm mad as heck are getting ready to read this up the lead story in the news cycle is about th
't about how much money make it is about the difference to make in people's lives. mrs. obama's added her husband is a man weekend press to revive the nation's weak economy as president reporter chris lee with house she also drew a contrast between the president and the army. did waves and is still really early but it may be that the candidates wives who really still in the shell of the conventions and romney of course last week in tampa and tonight the first lady getting a huge response from the crowd, message that the obama's are regular people who are trying to do extraordinary things. >>> saw folks thought she says michele. >>> i like before moving to washington was fills it with simple joys. saturday is a soccer games, sundays at grandma's house, and they did night for brocken me with either dinner or a movie because as an exhausted mom i couldn't stay awake for both. the furs later reminded an enthusiastic and welcoming crowd that she and her husband came from humble beginnings. >>> he was still the guy who picks me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out i could actuall
% of the american people >>> romney speaking at a fund- raiser but obama supporters he says did not pay federal taxes last year >>> 47% with him believe they are victims that government has the responsibility to care for them that they are entitled to health care to food and housing your name at an entitlement that government should give them they will vote for this president no matter what >>> this is a game changer >>> this recording out cain by " mother jones " magazine reports romney made the comments last spring >>> mitt romney does not have to worry about barack obama negative advertising his injuries are self-inflicted makes it easier for this president to be reelected >>> it is shocking for a president for a candidate would go behind closed doors and declare to wealthy donors at the american people view themselves as victims and tyler too handouts a few hours ago romney tried to soften the comments >>> not elegantly stated, i was speaking off the cuff in response to a question i could have stated more clearly >>> and his running mate reminded everyone the remarks candid obama made in sa
>>> >>> president obama asepsis party's nomination and makes no apologies a notch or is that now >>> the suspect used a sailboat to get away the childrens' mother is worried giselle we've heard from the first lady and the former president tonight it was president obama's turned to address the democratic convention and make the case he deserves for more years in office. >>> if you share that faith with me if you share that hope with me i ask you tonight for your vote. >>> political reporter grace lee heads up our coverage >>> the president offered no apologies for last four years he had knowledge he has failings' you might remember the big themes were hoping change tonight the president focused on moving forward and reminded voters their choice and how we do it. >>> the president of the united states of america barack obama >>> and affection and and powerful moment before the president thinks his wife. >>> two nights ago ever body reminded what a lucky man i am. >>> then down to business the president says he laid a foundation to a better future as the incumbent. >>> real plans th
romney's lucky number he has pulled even with president obama in the gallup daily poll they are tied at 47 percent appease both candidates spent the day skipping the tipping the scales in florida. mr. obama was pressed on his failure to push through immigration reform. >>> a promise is a promise and with all due respect you did not keep the promise. >>> here is what i would say, with have this conversation before there is the thinking the president is somebody all- powerful and can't get everything done you cannot change washington from the inside economic changes from the outside >>> mitt romney saw an opening and he pounced >>> i will change washington and will get the job done from the inside republicans and democrats will come to gather he cannot do it his slogan was yes weekend his slogan now is " now i can't " >>> coming up next on romney's agenda another withdraw from the bay area machine he'll say $50,000 a plate fund-raiser in hillsboro tomorrow night he'll be and san francisco again october 8th mitt romney trying to turn things around after the 47%, and, if it started with
in august president obama reddick and $85 million and romney $67 million. obama also has more money in the bank. sharon chin cbs 5 >>> the plan caring mitt romney's wife and made an emergency landing after the cabin filled with smoke it was an electrical fire the flight from all mod to send a monica landed in denver she took a different plan to southern california and landed a few hours ago >>> the anti islamic film is sparking new clashes between police officers in pakistan on demonstrators and a crowd of 15,000 fired on police and 19 people killed, u.s. diplomats tried to reduce the and her by paying for ads on pakistan on a television they show president obama and hillary clinton denouncing the thumb. >>> how often does the bay area pause and look up we did today to take in a spectacular sight the space shuttle endeavor. >>> it could be called a swan song final low altitude bay area flyby beginning over east bay and is subject to light >>> we thought it would be forever it is the pickup truck >>> at the same time as the tax revision is 747 caring endeavor as thousands cannot to
was improvised eastwood imagine the president answering back >>> east would also have the invisible mr. obama uttering obscenities >>> what you want me to tell romney? i can tell him to do that to himself >>> eastwood was scheduled to speak for five minutes but ignored the like to wrap up and spoke twice as long as traffic on twitter about the bizarre speech spike the romney campaign put out a statement even as the candidate that delivered his acceptance speech kedging up and i can't like clint eastwood throw a political lands does not work. the crowd enjoyed it. the obama campaign tweeted a picture with the president in his white house chair with the caption " this seat taken " a morning after mitt romney's big moment eastwood was the top trendy topic on googled. one official told john dickerson that east would was not scripted because they did not want to rain his creativity but a romney adviser and acknowledged was a distraction another republican official put it is clint eastwood if elvis wants to sing along songs you turn off his mind? anthony mason cbs news >>> a winery's says it makes
likely to develop cancer. >>> latest presidential poll shows that president obama is gaining after the democratic convention he moved up 4 points to 52% as 6 percent edge over mitt romney. the two candidates in a dead heat before the conventions. small-business under who gave president obama a bear hug gets a lot of attention on the internet earlier today users brought down the redding of his pizza restaurant on yelp, but just as quickly the stars disappeared they were back. the backlash was left by late afternoon the pizza spot back to a five-star rating the owner said a memorable experience. >>> he grabbed my hand but his hand on my shoulder and said i think for the job you are dealing with small business things are hard, you take the time to give back to the community it was a moment i'll never forget. >>> the pizza shop owner a registered republican. >>> another blow to the ones rising star in bay area politics with nadia lockyer had to say about their recent drug arrest. >>> i'm alive and find >>> a little boy at the middle of a fake facebook page >>> new video released by wis
with voters. president obama got a bump in the polls following the democratic convention according to latest gallup poll mr. obama leads mitt romney by three points. a couple of days ago the two men were one. apart. the president's approval rating at 52% the highest since june 2011 right after the killing of osama bin laden's. today the august jobs report was underwhelming, it helped drive unemployment to 8% but that is not great news because 400,000 americans have stopped looking for work and considered to be out of the job market here's anthony mason. >>> two years after she was laid off he finally got a full-time job in august and working as a security guard at a florida racetrack. >>> but he is one of the lucky ones the economy refuses to pick up speed the meager 96,000 jobs created in august the average for the past six months and barely enough to accommodate new people entering the work force this economist is with numerous securities >>> companies are unwilling to hire and consumers are unwilling to spend it grates and anemic cycle >>> the unemployment rate to decline but only because
race because they're already selling the possibility of victories for president obama's. in politics you always fall back. they found a person to record the tape when connected that person of mother jones. in the meantime about a half-hour you'll see president a bomb on letterman. when i went to a dozen aides they voted for john mccain. what i said on election night was even they didn't vote for me i hear voices and said i'm going to work as hard as i can't be your president my expectation is that if you want to be president you have to work for everybody not just for some. did ways and nice to run the campaign highlights and audios table, from back in 1998 as he believed in the redistribution of wealth was wrongly says continues to define obama's economic vision but as the round table does campaign continues to handle it is still defined the contest tonight is because of the cut cbs five. >>> and you can watch the entire run a private fund-raiser video on cbs sf dot com click on news and politics. treasure island san francisco bay has never been a tropical paradise it sounds like b
. in colorado's as last month now he has a one point lead in his head in virginia. mr. obama's won all three of those states in 2008. meanwhile mayor ronnie is still trying to distance themselves from the comments about americans who don't pay federal taxes tonight he took a new message to latino verdict voters on the spanish-language network. sandra bullock think you are dividing the united states and you are underestimating 47 percent of a population. my campaign is about the 100 percent in america. this is the campaign about helping people who need help. they believe that brown needs to win over more hispanic voters multiple poles have his support among back crucial group below 35%. president obama's will face a similar town hall style interview with the same network tomorrow. california may be easier to votes and now you can register online that means no more filling out the paper forms and waiting weeks for them to be processed the secretary of state says in the first 12 hours today 3000 people signed up and the deadline to register for the november election is october 22nd. you can fin
was always positive. he was an amazing man an amazing person. still awaits and tonight president obama's spoke with both the president of egypt and libya asking for security cooperation. reporting in berkeley cbs five. the airwaves their citizens up in gauzy you could spilled into the streets today to condemn the deadly attacks these photos were posted by online media outlets for immediate cd the demonstrators signs rains from anti-terrorist slogans for messages of apology and condolence is similar demonstration took place in tripoli. ambassador stephen's name will be at some marvel at the state department's headquarters in washington. along with the names of the three other diplomats were killed. breaking news out of egypt's ninth four clauses are taking place between protesters and police in cairo this is outside the u.s. embassy there. protesters pelted police with rocks through molotov cocktails and sent fires in straight sets they fired warning shots and tear gas to disperse the crowds. the waves this was the scene last night in cairo. egyptian protesters tore down and burn the am
. >>> president obama call the four victims patriots refused to back down in danger. >>> to you their families and colleagues to all americans know that is, their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. >>> to the strains of " america the beautiful " the remains were loaded into hearses and flown to delaware dover air base. nancy cordes cbs news the white house. >>> coming up a spiritual retreat gone wrong bay area a teenager is it takes a trip to peru and never seen alive again a shaman reveals what happened. >>> amazon will slap a sales tax and less than one hour on california shoppers we found a loophole to let you get away without paying debt. >>> for five years and lived with this >>> how bionics suit invented in the bay area helps paralyzed people okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan?
the top five. i have think that these rest part time for the obama's administration in the budget office. if the linebackers suspended for sunday's game against the raiders for this kids on texans quarterback matt shaw ribbon of a piece of busier the padres are entertaining on the heels of a brought in a circus act to do flips and throw out the first pitch at number to the braves and marlins freddie freeman has a walk off home run that won the game and clinched a wild-card spots. no. 1 the replacement weatherman in green bay. this is your replacement weather guy 200 degrees below today and we are looking at and is really going to keep up at grant like 300 degrees. ,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'l
the campaign trail today paul ryan gets off the top five. i have think that these rest part time for the obama's administration in the budget office. if the linebackers suspended for sunday's game against the raiders for this kids on texans quarterback matt shaw ribbon of a piece of busier the padres are entertaining on the heels of a brought in a circus act to do flips and throw out the first pitch at number to the braves and marlins freddie freeman has a walk off home run that won the game and clinched a wild-card spots. no. 1 the replacement weatherman in green bay. this is your replacement weather guy 200 degrees below today and we are looking at and is really going to keep up at grant like 300 degrees.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in
president obama and mitt romney but romney spend millions on their campaigns another candidate flies under the radar roseanne barr, the comedian in oakland tonight reporter juliette goodrich on her message to voters. >>> comedian and former tv star roseanne barr running for president as the peace and freedom party candidate. bart telling voters she wants to legalize marijuana >>> the night can get twice as many brownies >>> she spoke at a panel at oaksterdam the nation's first cannabis trade school >>> what is your message? >>> democracy freedom and peace. >>> roseanne barr is the peace and freedom candidate in california her name will be on the ballot in this state and other states as well. >>> she's not done enough ballots to win but her supporters think otherwise >>> we can get one person killed to save the one to legalize cannabis that will decide the election >>> her supporters of the ticket will boost the peace and freedom registration juliette goodrich cbs 5 >>> a california man behind a crude film market and the profit mohammad in jail, but not because of the found a judge ordered
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)